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           1. Establishment

           Danang Hi-Tech Park (DHTP) was established by the Prime Minister as per the Decision 1979/QD-TTg dated 28th October 2010. Currently, Danang Hi-tech Park Management Board is assigned the mission of public administration for the Danang Information Technology Park and Supporting Industry Area.

           2. Mission

           Researching, incubating, developing, transferring and applying high technology; training hi-tech human resources; incubating hi-tech enterprises; promoting the application and commercialization of scientific research and technological development results; investing in venture capital; playing a vital role in accelerating socio-economic development of Danang city and Central Vietnam and Western Highlands.

           3. Objectives

           - Attract domestic and foreign hi-tech resources, create the growth engine for hi-tech development. Associate training, scientific research and technological development with manufacturing, business and services; promote technological innovation, technological incubation and hi-tech enterprises incubation and develop scientific and technological market.

           - Create and promote hi-tech industries, dramatically contributing to the enhancement of economic effect and the competitiveness of products and services in Danang city and Central Vietnam and Western Highlands.




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