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1. The transportation system
The roads in Danang Hi-Tech Park include:
- The center route with cross-section width: Bn = 51m
- The subdivision routes with cross-section width: Bn = 22.5 m ÷ 33m
- The internal roads in each functional area with cross-section width: Bn = 8m ÷15m.
The roads are connected in chessboard arrangement, convenient for transportation in the Park.


2. Waste water treatment plant

- Total capacity: 18.000 m3/day, including 4 modules, each with the capacity of 4.500 m3/day.

- Wastewater from projects must reach class B before entering the Waste water treatment plant.

3. Water supply system
The capacity is 10.000 m3/day.
4. Power supply system
Danang Hi-Tech Park’s electricity is planned to be supplied by a 110/22KV station with a capacity of 2x63MVA which will be built in Hoa Lien. It is expected that by 2015 one 63MVA transformer will be put into operation ahead. The 110kV double circuit line power station will be connected to the 110kV line from Hoa Khanh to Hai Van Tunnel.
Currently, the 110 kV substation with the capacity of 40MVA has started operation.
5. Communications system
The underground optical cable system from the city center to DHTP has been constructed.
6. Fire prevention system
The D100mm fire hydrants are located along the main pipelines, with a maximum distance of 150m, located at the forks and intersections in DHTP for convenient access to water in case of emergency.
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